The Best Joker Funko Pops

The Best Joker Funko Pops

It is safe to say that ‘JOKER’ is one of the most loved villains of all time. With his iconic green hair and devilish smile, he has a different kind of charisma. You could bring him home with these Funko pop Jokers. Here is a list of the Best Joker Funko Pops to keep and adore.

1. The Dark Knight Joker 

Funko Pop Joker

I guess this is the most popular Joker there is. With his olive-green hair and deep red smile, this joker stole a lot of hearts. 10 inches in height, this Joker is fairly large and very detailed. It would certainly grab the eyeballs of anybody who passes by it. You can use this to decorate your bookshelf, dresser or tables.

2. The Suicide Squad Joker

Suicide Squad Action Figure, The Joker 

Suicide Squad is still one of the most amazing movies ever made. The short-haired, tattooed Joker takes the movie to another level. This Funko takes the creepiness from the movie and puts it into the Figure. This Joker Figure is shirtless and showing off all his tattoos, including the ‘Damaged’ on his forehead. What better a Joker than a shirtless joker? The height is 5 inches and the colors are on point to make it stand apart from your collection.

3. The 1989 Joker

Batman Metallic 1989 Joker

Who remembers the Clown Prince of Crime? Wearing a suit, hat and stick, this Joker should be a part of every collector’s collection. It’s around 7 inches tall and metallic. It will shine through all your worries. It’s a Funko and still it has the devilish smile detailing on point. Joker in Hat is a wonderful piece and has amazing quality.

4. The Santa Joker

Santa Joker 

Ever wondered what the Joker would look like if he wore a Santa Suit, this figure tells you how. The best aspect about this Joker is that it is unique and unconventional. The traditional joker figurines are awesome, but this is something else. It’s not what everybody expects and that’s why you should have it. It is around 4 inches tall, has major detailing and you can find Joker’s Green hair in a Santa hat. How adorable!

5. The Arkham Asylum Joker

Arkham Asylum Joker

The crazy Joker is a level apart from other versions of the Joker. Your mind would be blown at how detailed this figurine is and how crazy eyes it has. You can find the figure smiling menacingly at anything it looks it. A definite add on to your collection, this would turn out to be your scariest Joker figure. It is of the best quality and is durable. It makes a perfect gift for children and grown-ups alike.

6. The Swirly Eyed Joker

If the Joker doesn’t already hypnotize you, you will be after you get this one. The iconic green hair, the purple suit, but swirling eyes that slowly take you to another dimension. Around 4 inches in height, the figure shows the ‘Lifelessness’ of Joker’s eyes perfectly. It’s scary. It’s detailed. It’s a must-have.

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