Best Anime Mystery Boxes

Best Anime Mystery Boxes For 2021

Anime Mystery boxes are great for gifting and different party occasions. Most importantly, they are popular with teenagers and kids alike. Some prefer keeping them as collectibles while others play quests or contest with their friends regarding Anime knowledge and keep these mystery boxes as souvenir prizes. From My Hero Academia to Naruto Shippuden, the Anime collectibles are huge in number. Not only are these products great for children, these help as showpieces for a toy room, playroom, and even room decor.

1. Naruto Shippuden Mininja Figurines

Toynami Naruto Shippuden Mininja Figurines Blind Box Series

This is one of the most popular and sought after products in the Naruto fan section. Amazon has an amazing deal on this mystery box. It consists of a figure, 4 inches tall, along with other accessories. Until you open the mystery box, you won’t be able to understand which character is inside it by reading the label. With a great rating and popularity, Toynami’s product ranks as one of the best in the lot.

2. Funko Mystery Mini:- One Mystery Figure

Funko Mystery Mini: Best of Anime Series 2

The Funko Mystery Mini-Series is really popular with the collectors of this franchise. It has figurines 3 inches tall and resembles the characters accurately. These are easily portable and can be carried and stored in a box neatly. These are best suited for children and older collectors can always call dibs.

3. Toynk My Hero Academia LookSee Mystery Gift Box 

Toynk My Hero Academia LookSee Mystery Gift Box

This product from Toynk indeed gives you a license to enter the hero fandom universe. The pack comes along in 3 different editions and you will find an Ochaco air freshener combined with the product. UA Academy collectibles also come in these mystery boxes and the product has earned massive respect in a short time due to their excellent product ratings. It comes with a 5-inch decorative box that can be handed over to children and collectors on auspicious occasions.

Just like Midoriya, you too can keep a running log of your hero progress and everything you learn about what makes you a unique individual with this My Hero Academia notebook featuring Bakugo!

4. Squeezamals Mystery Black Box Collector Pack

Squeezamals Mystery Black Box Collector Pack

The Squeezamals box comes with exclusive characters and also stuffed animals. This box is best suited for little ones and is extensively popular with parents of little kids. Find six little figurines inside these boxes amongst a vast range of 24 characters. Grandaughters, infants, and even eight-year-olds love the product. You can give it to children so they can develop and improve their patience, touch, and nurturing skills and share their revealing-day experience with friends and family.

5. Pusheen Mystery Box – Christmas Series

Pusheen Mystery Box

Pusheens are very popular worldwide, especially in the feminine group. They are adorable in outlook. The Pusheen mystery box has multiple sets of collectibles amongst different Pusheen characters. These are among the best selling products in their category and rank in the top 100 of the top product rankings. This evidently proves their popularity in the toy market. You can use these boxes as gifting accessories for young ones of a diverse age group. 

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